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Dutton Hall (Stoke Brunswick School)
Descriptions of Photos Provided by Colin Dutton

Hall 01 View of left hand front (side) wall.

Hall 02 View of left hand front wall to Great Door.

Hall 03 View of right hand front wall from Great Door, there are three stained glass windows each set with ‘Arms of Dutton’. (two different designs)

Hall 04 View of right hand side wall with entrance to School Office and Headmaster’s Office. This takes in the original ‘Homestead’, once the residence of John O’ Gaunt.

Hall 05 View of Great Door, this door has a smaller door set into it.

Hall 06 View of bay windows over the Great Door.

Hall 07 View of corridor from the School Office towards the Minstrels Hall.

Hall 08 Looking into the Minstrels Hall from under the Minstrels Gallery.

Hall 09 Looking into the Minstrels Hall, showing panelled ceiling.

Hall 10 One of the ‘Arms of Dutton’ set in two of the windows.

Hall 11 Other design of ‘Arms of Dutton’ set in one of the windows.

Hall 12 View from within the Minstrels Hall of the Minstrels Gallery above the corridor and with the Recreation Room in the background. If you look carefully, you will see that the windows in the Recreation Room have stained roundals which will be seen later.

Hall 13 Close up of the Minstrels Gallery.

Hall 14 View of initialed crest sat at the top of the arch over the Minstrels Gallery shown in ‘Hall 13’.

Hall 15 Coat of arms set in the centre of the panel just above the oak beam at the bottom of the Minstrels Gallery shown in ‘Hall 13’.

Hall 16 First stained glass roundal set in a window in the Recreation Room.

Hall 17 Second stained glass roundal.

Hall 18 Third stained glass roundal.

Hall 19 Fourth stained glass roundal.

Hall 20 Fifth stained glass roundal.

Hall 21 Sixth stained glass roundal.

Hall 22 Seventh stained glass roundal.

Hall 23 Eighth stained glass roundal.

Hall 24 Ninth stained glass roundal.

Hall 25 Tenth stained glass roundal.

Hall 26 Eleventh stained glass roundal.

Hall 27 View of the Great Door and bay above.

Hall 28 View of front of Hall taken from the end of the driveway.

Hall 29 View of garden behind John O’Gaunts original ‘Homestead’.

Hall 30 View of rear of John O’Gaunts original ‘Homestead’ and Recreation Room taken from beside the pool on ‘Hall 29’.

Hall 31 View of rear of Recreation Room taken from garden along path to the left of the pool shown on ‘Hall 29’.

Hall 32 Rear of Hall taken from sports field.

Hall 33 Rear of Hall taken up the footpath nearer to the Hall.

Hall 34 Right hand rear of Hall taken before wall and archway leading around to the front.

Hall 35 Side entrance to Hall (main entrance to School), can just be seen over the wall on ‘Hall 34’.

Hall 36 View coming back around the side of Hall from ‘Hall 35’ and looking at entrance to School Office and Headmasters Office and John O’Gaunts original ‘Homestead’.

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