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The Dunton Homesite Opens a Webstore!

We have been trying to figure out a way to raise funds to subsidize this family organization effort while at the same time, not placing a burden on anyone.

This effort began out of a desire to connect cousins, share genealogical research, and ultimately unite our living relatives with our common ancestors.  I have done so by donating my gifts, talents and financial resources.

As such, I have had to limit the progress of the site based on the amount of time and money that I could donate.  There are so many other possibilities.

With all of that said, I am excited to announce the Homesite Webstore.   If you are like me and love books, this is a great deal for all of us.  We have created the new electronic storefront, in association with the leading online retailer, Amazon.com.

This association allows us to access more than 3 million titles.  Amazon.com guarantees the same high level of customer service, security and privacy that you expect receive. 

I have personally been buying books from Amazon for about one year and have had great experiences and enjoyed their discounted prices.  They have even found several out of print or otherwise hard to find titles.

If you are a regular Amazon.com customer (or even if you are not), I would hope that you bookmark The Dunton  Homesite Webstore and use it as your access point for new purchases.

All purchases of showcased books will result in a commission of 15% and books located through the search engine at The Dunton  Homesite Webstore will bring in a 5% commission.  Remember, if you springboard to Amazon.com from one of these paths, you need to return back to the Webstore in order for your purchase to count towards this program.  I will publish the 'financials' as soon as there are any.

Depending on the funds raised, in three to four months I hope to have the site relocated to a new location that offers larger storage capacity and secure areas.  I am hoping to have electronic copies of relevant documentation online this coming Winter.

"Announcements" - Submit obituaries, marriage, military service, special events, and birth announcements to keep us all up to date!

Staff Sergeant Joel R. Dunton was promoted to his present rank by order of the Commandant Marine Corps on 1 June 1998.  Drop him a note of congratulations!

"Life On The Farm"
Being a brief monthly accounting of the events from life on the Victor Hugo Dunton farmstead in Oregon

It seems like a common theme for me.  Not only am I late with the "monthly" newsletter, we are behind schedule on our normal farming chores. 

It seems as if there are more and more demands on our time, with less and less time to give.  Does this sound familiar to you?  I would love to hear how you deal with it.  I would even like you to email me if only to commiserate!

Although the garden has been tilled, not much is growing there.  We are quickly trying to rectify this.

With our warmer than usual Winter and our wet Spring, our hay is quickly ripening, and if the weather would hold out long enough, perhaps we could get it done early for a change.  Last year it was quite late.

Because of schedules, this will be the last update for some time.  Please email comments, questions, special events and stories earmarked for the "News".  I will work them into future editions where applicable.  It would help if you would include the word "News" in the subject line.

Mike Dunton - 6/9/98

If you have an interesting story that you'd like to share, PLEASE submit it.

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