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 Zane Grey Cover  Rodeo Rider  Pastor De Cabras
"Margo Phillips Beutler"
circa 1920
"Rodeo Rider"
1908, Oil on Canvas, 30 X 20 in
"Pastor de Cabras"
Oil on Canvas, 1926
Private Collection "The Women's West Index" Albuquerque Museum of Art, History & Science

Tapestry of Autumn  Bull and Cow Elk Standing Buffalo
"Tapestry of Autumn"
Oil on canvas
JKM Collection, J997.048
"Bull and Cow Elk"
Oil, 41.5" X 33"
"Standing Buffalo"
Oil on Canvas, 59 X 69 cm
National Museum of Wildlife Art U.S. Public Buildings Service Fine Arts Collection Museum of Texas Tech University

 In the Dephs of the Timber On the Way to the Rodeo  WHD_horse_wrangler.jpg (118311 bytes)
"In the Depths of the Timber"
Oil on Canvas, 16.5 x 12.1 in.

"On The Way To The Rodeo"
Litho from Century Magazine
ca 1912, 5" x 7" framed 9" x 12", $125

"The Horse Wrangler"
Oil on Canvas, 25 X 20 in.
Thomas Nygard Gallery Ridgway Gallery San Antonio Art League Museum

The_Cattlebuyer.jpg (35810 bytes) start_for_the_hills.jpg (42524 bytes) The_Outpost.jpg (34093 bytes)
"The Cattle Buyer" "Start for the Hills" "The Outpost"
Stark Museum of Art Stark Museum of Art Stark Museum of Art

 luckless_hunter.jpg (25587 bytes) whd_mcmullin_guide.jpg (54179 bytes) sunset_foothills.jpg (45432 bytes)
"The Luckless Hunter" "McMullin Guide" "Sunset in the Foothills"
Stark Museum of Art Stark Museum of Art Stark Museum of Art

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You_poor_devil.jpg (41399 bytes) TheCowPunchers.jpg (11133 bytes)
"Mother Bear & Three Cubs" "You Poor Devil"
"The Cowpunchers"
oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches
Stark Museum of Art Stark Museum of Art Stark Museum of Art


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The intent of this site is to spotlight the life and work of W. H. Dunton.  We are in no way associated with, nor do we receive monetary compensation from, any of the galleries or museums referenced here.   Thank you to the owners of these paintings for allowing us to use their images to create this "virtual art  exhibit" and further create awareness of this talented artist.

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