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Originally intended as a genealogical resource for
Dunton / Dunten / Dutton family members,
the general public will find utility at The Dunton Homesite as well.  Thank you for dropping in.

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The name Dunton In this Dunton family site you will hopefully find the Duntons that you are Dunton looking Dunton for. Dunton is a very old English Dunton name and is found in Dunton more than 7 Dunton places in Dunton England. In the US Dunton is found in Colorado and once was Dunton on Long Island and Dunton Illinois. Dunton is not as common as some names but Dunton is popular with us. Dunton, Dunton and more Dunton. Dunton here Dunton There. Is this the place for Dunton family members to get together? Why yes, it is the Dunton place.