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Our primary mission is to:

Aid in Dunton / Dunten / Dutton family research.
Become a central repository for family information.
Create opportunities for communicating & sharing with other members.

This effort is a shared one.  We rely on the input of our cousins to make this happen.  The goal is simple -- "to graft in the various branches of our family tree". 

This portion of The Homesite is dedicated to specifically to the genealogy of the Dunton / Dunten / Dutton family surnames.  If you are interested in this topic, this is the place for you.

Please submit copies of family related documentation, photos, GEDCOM or Family TreeMaker files, etc. to this project.  Email us at for details on the procedures related to physical submissions.

Note: Information found here, as well as anywhere else on the Internet, should be treated as "leads" and not as primary source documentation.  Our data is a combination of submissions from other researchers as well as from our own research.  Not all information has been checked or verified.  Again, use the information as a lead and follow up with your own research.  Please email documentation for any errors you find.

At some point we intend to republish our family genealogy file here on the website.  However, in this day and age of identity theft and continual invasions of our privacy, we do not want to contribute to these problems.  We therefore maintain our database offline and abide by a strict privacy policy.

Click on the Rootsweb Mailing List link below if you would like to learn how to use email in your genealogical search or just to communicate with other cousins.

If you are interested in submitting data to the Dunton Family GeneWeb Project, please use the "SUBMIT Data" button below. It runs a web-based family form but requires a JavaScript compatible browser. If you do not have a compatible browser, please feel free to email () a plain ASCII text file or a standard GEDCOM file.


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