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  Dunton Cousins

Check out the GeneWeb project at The Homesite.

Norm Vance's Homepage has his Dunton ancestors listed in his "Ferris Family Tree". Still searching for the "missing link". Check out his favorite hot links.

  Dutton Cousins
Brenda Dutton Kruger's Dutton Web Page
Carole Malisiak did a great job of collecting information on the Dutton Family of Pennsylvania and presenting it in a narrative format.  A must visit site!

Robert E. Dutton's " The Dutton Family of Newbury, Massachusetts" web page. It is centered on Thomas Dutton (@1745-1798), who is the focus of his search.

Curt Rowe is a descendant of John Dutton of Pennsylvania.

Sarah Shaw Tatounova Sarah is an descendant of John Dutton in America. Although she is from the U.S., she is presently living in the Czech Republic.

Patrick Janis' Genealogical Homepage is the site where I first saw a reference to John Dutton of 1630 and my ancestor Samuel Dunton as being father and son. He has a large GEDCOM on-line at this site.

Peter Alan Dutton's Home Page - He is a Long Island Dutton.

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