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  Genealogy Starting Points
Cemetery Records on the Internet is growing each week.  It now includes some 1000+ links to other cemetery webpages, as well as help text on how to find lost burials, and now an electronic journal on cemetery research. Check it out.
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild -- It is rather new but has several thousand individuals listed and more beingadded weekly.
Search for family surname web pages with .
GenForum.gif (2995 bytes)  is, in there own words, " . . . a conglomeration of message boards (some people call them queries, we call them forums)."  There are message boards for many family surnames, the Dunton Forum can be found here.
GenWeb. On-line genealogical database index.
The Computerized Ancestor. Search a huge database of Yates Publishing's ancestor files. The list grows continually.
The National Genealogical Societies, US GenWeb Archives can be found here. Downloadable data files are offered.
The Genealogy Home Page
Family Workings is a general genealogical resource site.  It houses ancestor queries, adoption queries, obituaries, cemetery research, hundreds of links (sub-catagorized), research volunteer listings, a search engine, and searchable, downloadable GEDCOMS with more than 1,000 surnames, and more to come as we think of it or as others suggest additions to my page.
The SurnameWeb. A new, ever expanding index of web pages that focus on individual or associated surname studies.
  General Information and Pages of Genealogy Relate Links
FuneralNet -- Over 20,000 U.S. and 1,100 Canadian Funeral Homes Listed
The RAND Genealogical Club Resource Page. Tons of great links!
The A Barrel of Gene Links Page. Another ton (maybe two) of links to genealogical pages!
This is the software program that I use. Family Tree Maker.
U.K. Quaker Information
Genealogical Software Archives
Ancestry Publishing, web site.
Cyndi's Genealogy Web Page Construction Toolkit is a great site if you are interested in creating an page of your own!
Bookpages is a British On-line Webstore.  A Good resource for finding hard to find titles from small publishers
Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon is an area icon.  It covers at least a city block and offers very reasonable prices on out of print, new and used books.  I have found a lot of my library there!  They are also on-line.
  General Search Tools

Downloadable Charts and Forms Available Online

When doing your genealogical research, do you use blank forms that you fill in by hand?  A free alternative to purchased forms can be downloaded and printed on your printer from the Internet at this location:

These are as nice as most commercially available forms. You can obtain a pedigree chart (called an Ancestral Chart), Research Calendar, Research Extract, Correspondence Chart, Source Summary and Family Group Sheet.

Find someone's email address with
Trying to find someone's physical address and phone number? Try
Telecom NZ have all New Zealand telephone listings (Names and Addresses) online at and
Here is an Australian telephone listing --
Here are a couple of links to International directory databases -- and
Want to find what deceased relative's Social Security Numbers were. Try clicking here. *SS Death Benefits This site provides a search engine for reviewing death benefits. Remember that women are listed with their married name at the time of death, and be patient. This is a busy site. I have personally found a lot of good info here.
The Homesite Webstore, in association with the Dunton Homesite Webstore, offers millions of items at discount rates.  Every purchase that you make via the links at The Homesite will result in a small dividend that is used to help cover the costs of maintaining and improving this family history site. Thank you!

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