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Dick Dutton
May 1996

Richard A. Dutton

by Michael L. Dunton

I "met" Richard online in my genealogical searching.  I do not recall if he found me through the family Web site that I manage or if I found him.  Our email conversations led to us beginning the Dutton-l email list that I have moderated since it was created in the Spring of 1997.  As many of the list "old timers" will tell you, Richard kept conversation going.  He was the first to greet new members and always willing to look up information for family searchers.

On November 10, 1999, Dick made the following, and I believe final, email posting to the list:

Hi to all my dear cousins, DUTTONs, DUNTONs & Zachariah DUTTONs (proved and potential).

The bad news is that I have been diagnosed with MDS, a rare but fatal disorder of the bone marrow. There is no cure and no real treatment. In the short time since the diagnoses the disease has already progressed to full blown Leukemia. I start on chemo Monday but the outlook is not good. SO BE IT!

Other than the obvious, my main problem is that I have no family member or close personal friend interested in genealogy or DUTTON Heritage. To try to assure that all the work that I have put into this project is not lost and wasted I have uploaded my entire master list of 249,430 connected individuals to the RootsWeb's WorldConnect Program. Of those 249,430 individuals, 34,466 are blood relatives. This file can be found at:


Feel free to use this data in any responsible manner to try to connect all our cousins worldwide. The data is not perfect. The only data I can personally guarantee is my direct line from me to Thomas Sr. (abt 1619/1622-1687). Most of the rest is a compilation of data researched and documented by a large number of very fine genealogists. The areas of known and obvious problems are in the medieval times from data derived has a better handle on this area of our distant heritage than anyone else I know.

Happy Hunting Gang,
Dick Dutton

In creating this tribute to Dick, I learned so much more about the man than I knew when he was living.  He was a very humble man!  Please use the links at the top of the page and you will understand what I mean.

For information regarding Richard's genealogy file that he hosted at RootsWeb,  Click Here for more information.

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