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Many of the image files on this page were created by Michael L. Dunton from images found in the publication, "W. Herbert Dunton: A Retrospective," by Michael R. Grauer, McCasland Chair of Cowboy Culture | Curator of Cowboy Collections and Western Art at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum® in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This was done with the permission of the author. If you are interested in this book, contact the author at for details.

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"The Breed Trapper, 1830"
1913, Oil on Canvas,
42 1/8" x 34 1/4"
"Winter Camp of the Sioux"
Circa 1916

Oil on Canvas, 20 1/8" x 16 1/4"
"Deer Hunters' Camp"
Circa 1926,

Oil on Canvas, 20" X 16"
Private Collection The Susan Janney Allen Collection, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Canyon, Texas The Rockwell Museum, Corning, New York

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"Return of the Grizzly Hunters"
Circa 1926
Oil on Canvas, 38 3/8" x 51 1/4"

"Winter Range"
before 1921
Oil on Canvas, 16 1/4" x 20 1/4"

"Texas of Old"
circa 1930
Oil on Canvas, 25 3/8" x 32 1/4"
The Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico Collection of Leroy and Louise Hibbitts Collection of Arthur J. Stegall, Jr.

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"The Late Shopper"
"Fall in the Foothills"
Oil on Canvas, 34" x 42 1/8"
"Aspens in Autumn"
Oil on Canvas, 16 1/4" x 12 1/4"
  The original painting is in the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, transferred from the Department of Interior, National Park Service

A very beautiful reproduction on canvas was received into the Dunton archive as a donation by  They offer this and other fine art reproductions for sale on their site.

Private Collection


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The intent of this site is to spotlight the life and work of W. H. Dunton.  We are in no way associated with, nor do we receive monetary compensation from, any of the galleries or museums referenced here.   Thank you to the owners of these paintings for allowing us to use their images to create this "virtual art  exhibit".

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