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The images on this page are ones that were found at the noted Web sites around the Internet. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger version.

WHD_FerryMorseCard.jpg (56323 bytes) Old Texas Ralph Phillips
"Settlers and Seeds - Civilization's Forerunners"
"Old Texas"
Oil on Canvas, 28 X 39 in.
"Cowboy on Horseback"

This painting is often presented with the title as "Ralph Phillips".  According to Michael Grauer, "this is one of those errors that won't go away."  Ralph Phillips did pose for the "Riders of the Purple Sage" illustrations in circa 1920. The so-called "Ralph Phillips" painting is dated 1908 when Ralph was 8 years old.

D. M. Ferry & Company Seed Poster. The image is of a Cowboy leading a wagon train. San Antonio Art League Museum (Poster offered for sale on ebaY Fall 2000)

Crow_Outlier.jpg (38563 bytes) Crow_Outlier_Close.jpg (42246 bytes)
Crow Outlier"
This was a 13" x17 framed print offered on ebaY June 2001
The original is owned by the Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma
See also the cover of the April 22, 1916 copy of The Literary Digest

TheHelpingHand_1.jpg (71161 bytes) TheHelpingHand_2.jpg (69406 bytes) CowboyOnHorseDrinking.jpg (55136 bytes)
"The Helping Hand"
Oil on Canvas, 24" x37 
"The Helping Hand"
"Cowboy on Horse Drinking"

"The Shower"
"Cotton Wood Trees"
 oil on canvas, 10 X 8 inches
"Monarch of All He Surveys"
  Sold by Robert L. Parsons Fine Art  

1931, Oil

"The Deer Hunter"

"Indian Riders"
Oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches
Signed: lower left
The Harwood Museum of Art    


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The intent of this site is to spotlight the life and work of W. H. Dunton.  We are in no way associated with, nor do we receive monetary compensation from, any of the galleries or museums referenced here.   Thank you to the owners of these paintings for allowing us to use their images to create this "virtual art  exhibit" and further create awareness of this talented artist.

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